Modified & Custom Solutions

When custom products are needed, SLPE has a broad platform of standard products that can be leveraged to minimize design time, risks and costs. Our application-specific capabilities include value-added solutions that integrate enclosures, system fans, EMI filters, logic boards, and wiring harnesses.

Factories located in China and Mexico facilitate cost-effective production for a wide range of volumes and lead time requirements. Please select the graphic links below for additional information describing industry-specific modified and custom AC-DC, DC-DC, and inverter solutions.

Application-specific solutions range from customer-defined connectors to full customs such as the 12-output power supply pictured on the right.

Essential Power for Medical Applications

Reliability, mobility, higher performance, and reduced costs are critical design goals for medical equipment.

SLPE can help you achieve your design objectives by providing high-reliability medical solutions that offer high energy efficiencies and power densities. Manufacturing is performed in accordance with FDA Part 820 current good manufacturing practices in facilities certified to ISO standards (read more).

Information Technology Equipment (ITE)

OEMs have rapidly changing feature sets, higher energy-efficiency requirements, and shortened product life cycles with accelerated time to market.

SLPE's advanced topologies increase energy efficiencies, reduce costs, and improve reliability and elevated ambient temperature performance. Additional ITE product development capabilities include I2C monitoring and control, hot swap and redundant operation, standby outputs, and optimize battery charging algorithms. (read more)

Industrial & Instrumentation Applications

Equipment manufactured for industrial and instrumentation applications requires extremely reliable power sources for real-time monitoring, throughput, and quality performance.

SL Power Electronics' has been providing a broad range of “always on” products for over 30 years. Robust mechanical and electrical designs withstand intense shock and vibration and input-voltage surges, sags, and brownout conditions. (Read More)

Military COTS and Custom Solutions

Industry-leading COTS products combined with critical application, custom power solution engineering experience enables support of a wide range of shipboard and ground-based applications.(Read More)