Technical Articles

Subject Description
EN60601-1 3rd Edition SL Power 3rd edition Presentation
Level 5 Overview of our Level 5 Products
HALT Testing Description of HALT screening process
Linear Fuse Values Recommended fuse values to use for all Condor open frame linear models
Environmental Specs Environmental specs for products in operating and non-operating environments
Patient Connect Applications Defines differences between patient vicinity and patient connected applications
Linear Troubleshooting Guide Checklist for troubleshooting linear models and FAQ
Ripple Measurement Techniques Measuring ripple voltage requires special measurement techniques
Leakage Current Types and values of leakage currents per safety standards
Medical Safety Agency Information Describes special design and testing limits for medical and ITE safety standards
Dielectric Withstand Voltage Test Limits and guidelines for Hipot testing
Altitude Derating Output derating curve for higher elevations
What is Minimum Load? Explanation for why minimum load is required on some switching power supplies
Sheet Metal Covers for Open Frame Linears Comments on designing covers for linears
Condor Linear -A and -A+ Differences Defines differences between older "-A" and newer "-A+" suffixes on Condor linears
FAQ - Condor Linear Model Numbers With OVP Explains Condor Linear model numbering with OV & OVP in model number
How to Make a Ripple Probe How to make a ripple probe for measuring "true" ripple and noise
Condor Linear Input Current Values of input current under all rated input voltages and frequencies (at full load)
Brackets and Enclosures List of available chassis and cover kits
IPX Ratings Descriptions of IP and IPX ingress levels
GNT200 Current Sharing How to share current between 2 or more GNT200s
GNT200 Efficiency Curves GNT200 Efficiency vs. load curves
EN61000-4-11 Voltage Dips and Interruptions Description of voltage dip levels, durations, and performance criteria
Solder Turret Output Connectors For Linears Drawings of some Condor Linear output connectors
MINT1065 OVP Theory of Operation Description of how OVP works on model MINT1065